Nizana's M.E. Dance Site 


                                      Upcoming Performances: either solo, or with troupe, or band:                        
June 10-11 Dangerous Curves Belly Dance Convention. Spokane. Solo. Troupe. Instructor.

                                            June 25 Dance from the Heart Mini-Convention. Tampa. Solo.

                                            June 28 Shambling Shimmies Shakedown. Gainesville. Solo.

                                            July 16 Mediterranean Fantasy Festival. Seattle. Solo.

                                            Aug 20 Hipnique Hafla. New Port Richey. Solo.

                                            Sept 9 Hip Ex. St. Pete's. Solo

                                            Oct 16 Hawaii Belly Dance Convention After Party. Honolulu. Duet.

                                            Nov 13 Workshop at Hipnique Studio. New Port Richey. Instructor.

                                            Dec 10 Hip Expressions. St.Pete's. Solo.                         

                                                 Many pending engagements, watch here for updates!

                                                                       See News Below and links to events! 


Nizana has been honorarily selected to be
    in the Belly Dance Hall of Fame!!!


      Nizana will be teaching a workshop in New Port Richey Jan 22 at Hipnique Studio!

Nizana was a featured instructor
at the 2016 Dangerous Curves Convention in Spokane June 10-12th. She taught the workshop, "Dance with Connectivity!"  June 11th, 3:00 p.m.