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1st Sat of every month at 6:30-9pm Saqra presents an open dance night at Jimmy T's (formerly Moonrakers') in Kent WA! Dance to live music or own music. Contact to dance! All ages welcome! $5 cover.

Belly Dancing at Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant.Wed-Sun shows at 6 and 8 pm. Reservations highly recommended. Please call (206) 956-0500. Seattle's Belltown at 2334 2nd Avenue (2nd & Battery).

Pearls of the East: Belly Dance & Beyond. 4th Sun of the month. Seattle. Kalia 8518 GreenwoodAve N. Seattle.

Fabulous Four Live Music & Belly Dance Show. Second Fri of month, 7:30. $10 cover, kids free. 3400 Fremont Ave N, Seattle. 206-633-4141 (mention show for show seating.)

Pyramid Lounge, Seattle. First Monday of every month has a featured dancer.

Dancers and Saltana Band at Costas Opa on 2nd Fridays of the month. Seattle 206-633-4141(specify show seating.)

Petra Mediterreanean Bistro, 4th & Wall, Seattle. Dancing Sat nights. 206-728-5389

Taki's Mad Greek. 8539 15th Ave NW, Seattle. Dancing Sat eves. 206-297-9200

Skylark Cafe (3rd Tues of every month) W Seattle.

Caspian Grill. 5517 University Way, NE. Seattle. Dancing F/Sat eves. 206-524-3434

Belly Dancing & Story Telling. 2nd Sun of month. Kalia Lynnwood. 425-486-6713

Ottoman Trading Co in Bothell holds monthly jam/open circle last Sun of the month, 5-7 pm and Fri Night Jams 7-10. Ladies Drum Circle every 3rd Sun of the month. 425-368-0369.

Belly Dance Guest Artists w/House of Tarab. Seattle. 206.632.2353

Enat Leyl al Arab. Monthly event (check ahead; not all months.)  Seattle.

Kalia at Greenwood.  Third Sun of the month. Seattle.


Dancing at Red Dragon (downtown) Friday nights and some Saturday hafla events.

Dancing at Azars Restaurant. Friday nights.





Feb 2 Emerald Extravaganza. Arlington, WA.

Feb 7 Skinny Dip presents Naughty. Seattle.

Feb 10 Hasani's Hafla and Workshop w/Roxy. Tacoma, WA

Feb 11 A'isha Azar's Once a Month Class. Spokane.

Feb 14 Belly dancing and story telling. Kalia Lynnwood. 425-771-6422

Feb 16-22 Belly Dance Cruise w/Amy Sigil & Carmine Guida.

Feb 17 Bellyfest. Spokane, WA.

Feb 17 HOT House Concert.Seattle.

Feb 17 Leyl al Arab. Seattle.

Feb 18 Belly Dance Revue. Tacoma.

Feb 18 Belly Dancing at Kalia Greenwood. Seattle.

Feb 23-25 4th Annual Sweetheart Gala Bellydance Festival. St. Augustine, Fl.

Feb 28-March 4 Tribal Massive. Las Vegas.


March 3-11 Tribal Massive. Las Vegas.

March 7 Skinny Dip presents Earth. Seattle.

March 10 Annual Sultana Hafla. Tri-Cities, WA.

March 9 & 10 HOT House Concert & Dance. Seattle.

March 11 Belly Dancing at Kalia Lynnwood. WA.

March 17-18 Annual Benefit with Workshops & Show. Olympia, WA.


April 5-8 Cues and Tattoos. Seattle.

April 13-15 4th Annual River City Raqs w/Aziza! Jacksonville, FL.

April 14 Oh My Goldness. Seattle.

April 18 Annual Shimmy Happens Hafla. Lakewood, WA.

April 26-29 The 25th Annual Women's Dance and Desire Weekend. Detroit, OR.


May 12 Hasani's Hafla. Tacoma, WA

May 19 Springtide Showcase. Lake Forest Park (Sea)


June 22-24 Ruby Beh in show/workshops. Jacksonville, FL.


July 26-29 Annual Yaa Hallah Y'all! Grapevine, TX.


Aug 11 Hasani's Hafla. Tacoma, WA

Aug 22-26 Emerald Sanctuary. Coulee City, WA.


Nov 2 Special Celebration at Zamani.

Nov 10 Hasani's Hafla. Tacoma, WA


Merry Christmas! Kala Christouyenna! (Greek), Cristmas-e-shoma mobarak bashad! (Farsi) Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah! (Iraqi)


Bonus Section: This will be made up of Nizana's writings: mini- reviews and dance related articles! Check back for new additions! ALSO, check out Nizana's articles in The Belly Dancer Magazine at

May not be reprinted without the author's permission, thank you.


Bonus Section 2017

Nizana got back into teaching some workshops this year, at Hipnique Studio, currently in Tarpon Springs, FL. She is available for workshops and classes. Nizana continues to be regularly published in The Belly Dance Chronicles (Sharina of Zaghareet retired) and has performed in several venues throughout the year. Nizana, team member, again attended the annual Hawaii Belly Dance Convention, sadly she and Mohana's scheduled duet didn't occur...technical difficulties with Mohana on standby in Seattle for one thing...

Bonus Section 2016

This year has flown by! Nizana has continued to be published regularly in The Belly Dance Chronicles and Zaghareet, and recently signed on and has been published in the Belly Dance Superstars online magazine Nizana was a featured instructor at the June Dangerous Curves Belly Dance Convention in Spokane and is slated to teach the same workshop in New Port Richey in November. The Desert Silk Dance Company (like us on Facebook!) reunited in full for a performance in June, and Nizana and Mohana will perform another duet at this year's Hawaii Belly Dance Convention of which Nizana is a team member. Nizana continues to keep it fresh by attending workshops and adding a couple new costumes, and is available for workshop or special event instruction!

Bonus Section Nov 2015

This has been a great year in Nizana's dance world, highlighted by two Desert Silk Dance Company reunions! Nizana, Zahra Zarifa and Mohana performed at the July Red Dragon Hafla in Spokane, WA and Nizana and Mohana performed at the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention After Party in Honolulu in October! Both occasions were joyous and they look forward to reuniting for future performances, distance is no challenge!! Nizana has logged several solos all over Florida, as well as Spokane and Seattle, her articles and reviews continue to be regularly published and she is a featured instructor at the June 2016 Dangerous Curves Belly Dance Convention in Spokane, WA! Nizana has many pending performances scheduled and is available for workshops and private classes.

Bonus Section July 2015

Nizana has been made a team member of the annual Hawaii Belly Dance Convention and looks forward to performing at the After Party again this year! Nizana is thrilled about two upcoming dance opportunities this year where members of Desert Silk Dance will be reunited, one at HBDC!! You can continue to find Nizana's articles and reviews in The Belly Dance Chronicles and Zaghareet and Nizana is performing all over Florida and beyond (three times in Washington State this month!) Contact Nizana if you are interested in private classes or workshops! 

Bonus Section Nov 2014

Nizana continues to have her reviews and articles published in The Belly Dance Chronicles and Zaghareet! She also continues to take workshops and classes when she can as it's important to continue your studies through various methods. Nizana made her 5th trek to the Annual Hawaii Belly Dance Convention, performing, taking workshops and enjoying everything it had to offer. She wishes she could get to more of the great festivals going on out there and sorry to hear this year's Redwoods Coast Festival was its last. Support the magazines sponsors, the DVD producers, vendors and the event organizers! Thankful for a very busy dance year and looking forward to getting some new gigs going soon!

Bonus Section May 2014

Check out The Belly Dance Chronicles and Zaghareeet! for articles and show reviews by Nizana, who has also been published in Jareeda and It is important to do more than practice combos and choreographies in this style of dance. Nizana has been writing for dance publications for many years and dance magazines are a great place to learn. There are wonderful events going on out there, go out and support them. Share your love with others. I just sent a first time hafla host my hafla checklist so that she can be successful in her endeavors. I just lost a dance sister, too. RIP Adara. Love the ones you have now! 

Bonus Section Aug 2013

Whether you are a new student or a dancer who has been dancing for decades, there is always more to learn. You can take classes and workshops, you can spend some time with quality DVD's, you can read up about it online or in books and magazines. You can pick the brains of others in the know. One can never know enough. Practice what you learn, and putting it in a way that will help you remember what you've learned, take notes!

Bonus Section Jan 2013

Nizana relocated to a warmer climate and Desert Silk Dance Company is currently inactive in its most recent incarnation. However, don't be surprised if you see some, maybe all four most recent members onstage together again in 2013... Nizana and Zahra Zarifa performed a set in Honolulu, HI in October while on vacation there. Mohana continues to stay involved in dance. 
Nizana is still regularly writing for belly dance magazines, and attending dance classes and workshops. She has performed twice so far in her new locale and looks forward to other new opportunities.

Bonus Section May 2012
The Desert Silk Dance Company joined several local and regional dancers at Moorea's first hafla in Spokane on May 5th.  Moorea sponsored Troupe Hipnotica from Seattle in a well attended workshop. A real stage, dressing room with a great spread of food and water, and lots of vendors were on hand. There were some serious bargains to be had and I think all of DSDC came away with some treasures! We performed a set choreographed by Nizana: a candle dance and a veil dance.  We watched many of the dancers and there were all kinds of styles represented throughout. It was a great event and we enjoyed ourselves! 

Bonus Section Jan 2012
I was recently honored to be awarded with the "Exceptional Contributor Award" from and that was definitely a highlight of my dance "career." I have three new articles up in the current issue, and I have a few more articles in queue. I have a pending review in what will be my 4th magazine to be published in, The Belly Dance Chronicles. I love to write and I love to dance so it's a good fit. Looking forward to more fun writing and dancing in 2012!         

Bonus Section Nov 2011
Almost at another year's end and there were so many fabulous events this year! Nizana and Desert Silk Dance Co performed locally and regionally all over the state and are looking forward to many performances next year. Nizana studied with Mahmoud Reda and Marguerite Kusuhara and added "Jareeda" to the publications her articles are in this year. Nizana is scheduling dancers for the Red Dragon in North Spokane (ck in advance, usually the 1st or 2nd Sat of the month.) Nizana performs a solo there next on Dec 3rd.   

Bonus Section July 2011

Review of Medfest 2011 The 24th Annual Mediterranean Festival was packed out with dancers regardless of the liquid sunshine that hovered throughout the weekend. It never fails to amaze me that for as many dancers make it to this event, a lot of dancers can’t or don’t, so that’s a whole lot of dancers in the Pacific Northwest!!!  Programs were available as usual, which is appreciated. This is the event of the year, and I’ve made about 20 of them so far. Next year is their big silver anniversary, so mark your calendars now for July 20-21st.

This year the workshops were sponsored by Troupe Hipnotica and Zaina Hart. Troupe Hipnotica sponsored Sherri Wheatley from CA in two workshops. On Sat morning was “Combos and Transitions,” and on Fri it was dancing with fire, or “En Fuego.” Sherri’s costume was stunning as she performed fluidly on the outdoor stage Sat afternoon. Zaina Hart sponsored Alexandra King in a “Fusion Technique” workshop on Sunday morning as part of a fund raising tour for Oberon, which included nightly performances throughout the weekend. Also on Saturday afternoon, the lovely Alexandra’s performance brought joy and smiles as she graced the outdoor stage in pink and orange.

The vast amount of fabulous vendors braved out the rain and sun under tarps that stretched its normal course towards the outdoor stage. Vendors were also indoors where the indoor stage is located. There was nummy food, accessories of every type, drums, costumes, you name it! There was henna, tarot, and photography; sales racks and boxes; sparkly, glittery, rocking stuff everywhere! I lost all control this time and got a pair of cool pants (on clearance) and two, yes two, costumes. I never spend like that; I‘m not sure what came over me!! I usually buy something or other including a henna tattoo (which didn’t happen this year for some reason…) but two costumes?? Really?? Well, get on with my bad self!

My troupe, Desert Silk Dance Company, performed a set, I soloed, and dancers from all over the Pacific Northwest (and a few beyond) danced all weekend long on two simultaneous stages. There was everyone from Aneena to Zaina. Performers range in all skill levels, ages, colors and shapes at Medfest. There were soloists, duets and troupes of all sizes performing a lot of “fusion,” some traditional belly dance, some Tribal and lots of Tribal fusion. I didn’t see any folkloric; I did see a lot of swords this year. It seemed not only that the rain drove a few people away, but the list on the program seemed shorter than previous years. Was still a great crowd all weekend, and I loved seeing old friends, some of whom I only get to see at Medfest.

I heard a lot of great feedback from a good number of dancers that they came away inspired and had a lot of fun. I know I did! The Babylonian Ensemble and their crew of awesome volunteers always do a fabulous job and are greatly appreciated! Thanks to them, the workshop sponsors and the vendors for a lovely weekend. This is an event people look forward to attending all year long. See everyone next July, always the third weekend of July in West Seattle!                   
Bonus Section April 2011
Review of East Beast Hafla: Il Rawazi Baten of Spokane, WA hosted their second annual East Beast hafla in a new venue on April 9th, 2011, this time with a workshop. Raqs Steady Eddie of Seattle taught a fun fusion belly dance mixed with hip hop and martial arts and was the hafla headliner. The troupe made some nice improvements over last year and attendance increased.  Magic City Costumes and Gaylene vended fabulous wares.

Il Rawazi Baten opened the show and did several troupe and solo numbers throughout the show. Desert Silk Dance Company of Spokane performed a three number Latin-Arabic set choreographed by their director, Nizana, wearing flying skirts and matching arm ruffles over those new fun ruffle pants. Hasnah Hadiyyah performed as did Sultana Dancers and students, a Native American hoop dancer, Janelle and a few others whose names escape me, sorry! Raqs Steady Eddie closed out the show and delighted everyone who waited it out. His fluidity and charm is amazing. A fun time was had by all!

Bonus Section Jan 2011
There are more and more ways to read about belly dance out there between the number of books that have been published, and the number of magazines, (hard copy and online) newsletters, blogs and social sites. Nizana has a great collection of books, and receives regular newsletters and three magazine subscriptions. Nizana is a staff writer for The Belly Dancer Magazine at and has been published multiple times in Zaghareet! Check out her many articles in these publications with more on the way!      

Bonus Section
Sept 2010
Djimmah Karena and her Troupe du Soleil's gig at the Tumbleweed Festival was a lot of fun and I look forward to next year. The people were warm and gracious and it was a lovely venue. Djimmah's troupe was joined by her large student class troupe, along with
Nizana of Spokane, for a fun show filled with variety. Jamilla and her student were also scheduled to dance, but Jamilla emceed (lovely job!) instead due to a back issue. There were  some colorful veil routines by the student troupe, and a solo with great veilwork by one of Troupe du Soleil's members whose name escapes me at the moment, sorry! TdS did several dances which included zil work, swords and daggers, and canes. Nizana did three solos, one of which was a Khalege, one with zils, and one with a veil intro. It warmed my heart that people came up to me in the hospitality room and told me they loved and enjoyed my dancing. One man, who said he was a also a dancer, told me that I could really teach the younger girls a thing or two about being sexy and seductive with my eyes and smile and that I made the whole audience feel special. He told me I was the master at connecting with the audience and that he bowed to me. Wow. Bless you, you wonderful man! Hope he's in my audience next year!!   

Bonus Section May 2010
The 24th Annual Powers of Belly Dance Conference was held on May 14-16th in Yakima. Nizana and Phaedra Nicole were the workshop instructors and both got good feedback on their presentations. There was the usual Friday and Saturday night showcases, and Friday night is always live music with the Scabland Band. Nizana played with the band at the showcases as well as the fashion show and the luncheon. There was a great selection of vendors, with a fashion show to demonstrate their wares. There was a lovely array of performers both nights and everyone had the opportunity to dance to live music both nights at "open dance." Nizana and Richard ran the music table and Alwiyah emceed as usual, and the event closed out with a barter fair and breakfast gathering.

Bonus Section March 2010
The Desert Silk Dance Company performed a three routine set at the "Too Hot to Handle Hafla" that the Sultana's sponsored in Richland on March 6.  This annual halfa had lots and lots of dancers from all around and it was nice to get back down there to participate as it's been awhile! There were good vendors to shop at; troupes, duets and soloists to watch, and Unmata was the sponsored workshop instructors and performers. It was a nice set up and DSDC (NIzana, Zahra Zarifa, Anya and Cheryl) had fun in their flying skirts dancing with skirts, veils and finger cymbals.

Bonus Section Jun 2009
Nizana and Zahra represented Desert Silk Dance Co at a benefit June 13th in Spokane. Chapala's Restaurant and Eileen Frances hosted a benefit for the Indira Ghandi Children’s Hospital in Afghanistan. Fingerstyle guitarist and songwriter Seamus Kinsella played two sets of folk guitar music, all his own music. A Hawaaian musician and a couple other dancers were scheduled, but were unable to attend after all. Nicole opened the show in a really cute costume with a tribal fusion routine that included comedy, a scimitar and some mean back bends!  Nizana and Zahra performed a tribal fusion number and an alternative veil number in matching tietops,
Nizana in purple and Zahra in emerald, with hip scarves and those really fun black "bell" pants (for lack of a better term.) Nah'Joom Dancers, with their arm-wings on, danced a couple of routines in velvety beledi dresses, and each with a different hip belt. Savannah was last up in a very cool tribal fusion costume, adding a very different flavor to the show. We were all happy to dance for a good cause!    

Bonus Section Feb 09 Preview!!!! Nizana will be presenting her first production in several years at the 700 seat Wallenstien Theater in Moses Lake, WA on March 28, '09. Nizana has chosen to deliver a formal two act theater production for the Moses Lake community, the first dance event outside of random performances in the area. Nizana is the only instructor in Moses Lake, teaching quarterly through their Parks and Rec Dept and thought it would be a great central location where the market is not over saturated. It is easily accessible from most areas in the state and not too long a drive to a nice little city! In this show, Nizana's theme is to present the variety of styles of Middle Eastern influenced dance styles as performed by dancers all around Eastern WA. There are a number of lovely dancers representing Spokane, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Seattle and Moses Lake. You will see a variety of American style belly dance numbers with several different props, American Folkloric Belly Dance numbers, and many different fusion routines! Nizana and Zahra of Desert Silk Dance Co, Alwiyah and Sabah Ensemble, Djimmah Karena and Troupe du Soleil, Amina, Shenteela and Nuwaar al-Sahraa, Kaela, Shaheena Safahri and Mirabai will dazzle you with wonderful and entertaining performances starting at 7 pm. (Doors open at 6:30) There will also be a door prize drawing. Tickets are only $10 at the door; $5 for ages 17/under and senior citizens. Lots of great hotels and restaurants in Moses Lake if you want to stay overnight. It will be a great show, join us!!! Contact Nizana if need more info or directions.          

Bonus Section Nov 2008
Once again, Nizana and the Desert Silk Dance Co were part of the Spokane Fall Folk Festival, a two day event. This was the Folk Society's 13th annual event, and is a fabulous community weekend of dancing, music, arts, crafts, workshops, bake sale and vending. Over the weekend, 5 troupes from Spokane were represented, with many various styles. Nizana and Zahra represented DSDC in two sets together, as well as each doing a solo. Veils, skirts, finger cymbals and candles were all part of the set. Following DSDC's performance, Nizana, with the help of Zahra, taught her annual Intro to Belly Dance workshop, complete with handouts. There was great participation and it was a lot of fun. We'll be there again next year!  

Bonus Section Sept 2008
The last day (14th) of the Spokane Co Fair found a small contingent from Desert Silk Dance Company of Spokane and Troupe du Soleil of Tri-Cities putting on a 45 minute show. (Good things come in small packages!!) Nizana and Zahra represented DSDC, and Djimmah Karena represented TdS on this fine, sunny and warm late morning! They each did a costume change (two new costumes for DSDC!) and rotated sets that included veils, skirts, finger cymbals and a tambourine.There were a variety of dance styles and music represented as well, including classic belly dance, American style cabaret and belly dance fusion. A fun time was had by all!    

Bonus Section July 2008
Just returned from the 21st Annual Mediterranean Fantasy Festival in Seattle, and a sunny warm weekend was had by all! The Babs did it again, a two-stage venture with dancers from all over, LOTS of vendors, some musicians, and so much more. This outdoor festival is one never to miss, and for good reason. Sunshine, (usually) seeing so many dance friends and making new ones, yummy food treats, shopping where you can find just about anything you could possbily need or want, and an opportunity to perform and watch others perform. Nizana performed her solo on Saturday after helping set up the MEAI booth, for whom she volunteers. MEAI sponsors fabulous performers and events, and is bringing Yousry Sharif on Oct 4th. Got Medfest on my calendar for next year!     

Bonus Section June 2008
Ye Merrie Greenwood's annual event took place again at Howard Amon Park along the river (which many found themselves dipping in due to 105 degree weather!) in Richland on June 28-29th. Nizana was there to emcee and drum for Troupe du Soleil. The "Middle Eastern Washington Scabland Band" was the musical accompaniment to the troupe for their 3 sets each day. The band was comprised of "members" from Wenatchee, Spokane and the Tri-Cities. What a hoot! Despite the roasting temperature (I'll take it, I don't like winter!!) and the police overenforcing the lack of parking, everyone put on a heck of a show, whether dancer or musician. The two other regular festival troupes, Sultana Dancers and Greenwood Gypsies, also performed to their bands (requirement is music must be live, not canned) in their pavilions. Magic City Costumes was again among the varied vendors, most of which, but not all, were selling Ren Fairre items. (I found some nice lavender sachets there!) People watching was sure interesting, what with Ren Fairre costumes, belly dance costumes, fantasy costumes, and other assorted styles of dress. Looking forward to next year!    

Bonus Section May 2008
The 22nd Annual Powers of Belly Dance Conference took place in its usual venue in Yakima the weekend of May 16-18. Instructors were Fatima al Wahid and Sidonia om Dunia, both who have taught at Powers before. Fatima is a regular vendor, and the other wonderful regular vendors were there as well. The format was the same, with a Friday night showcase.  Sat morning started out with the fashion show, followed by a workshop by Fatima, teaching some fun new energetic combinations. Lunch, with raffle prizes and live music by the Scabland Band is always a treat. General assembly was next, to let food settle and talk about a pre-chosen topic. This year was discussing the "Shifting Sands of Time." Many "old timers" were missing, and the flavor of the conversation just wasn't the same for me, but there were a lot of good points made by some of the other "old timers." And I mean no disrespect by saying "old timers" at all, I mean it with all due respect as they have the wisdom and the history and the valuable input that is unknown to or being forgotten by so many newcomers. Sidonia's workshop was next up before dinner break, and she taught Turkish combinations and movements. Saturday showcase featuring Fatima and Sidonia then closed out the Saturday activities. Both showcases had a variety of dancing, but interestingly, there was no Tribal fusion in either show. Sunday morning was the breakfast and last of the shopping, and goodbyes till next year!              

More Performance Preparation by Nizana

  In addition to checking your packing list for costumes, accessories, props, jewelry, makeup, water, etc, there is also ensuring labeled, cued music (with backup music), and all kinds of other things to get ready for a performance.

    Right before a performance, there is double checking everything to be sure you are all in place. Is everything straight, are undergarments showing, or is your eyeliner smudged? If you're in a troupe, you can do an "everybody check everybody" before show time. You can use the mirrors, and ask other dancers, but be aware, it's your responsibility to make sure everything is ready to go as they are also busy and may overlook something. You can also make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready, to set up your little dressing space, and get things together with time to spare. Sometimes you may be asked to go on early, so it's helpful to be prepared in advance, also making you appear all the more professional.

    Then, there's a quick warm up of stretching and/or grounding exercises. Get a good warm up in if you can, and if you know ahead of time that there's no time or space, try to do a good one prior to going to the event, and do a quickie one before your performance. Some good leg stretches, ankle, wrist and shoulder rolls, and some finger stretches can all be done in a small space. Be sure to do some deep breathing to get your oxygen running through your blood stream for more energy.         

    Then, in advance of a performance is practice!!! Lots of concentrated practice on technique, presentation and routine is necessary. Ensuring your costuming, music and dance movements are in sync with the style is also important. Knowing about use of the stage, entrances and exits, and dance etiquette are also topics you should be very familiar with.

    And are you taking care of yourself as well? Dancing is good exercise, which is one way to take care of yourself. Another is to eat healthy foods, drink enough water, and practice wellness.  Are you managing your stress? Are you deep breathing and finding time to relax? Are you having fun as you deal with the rigors of life? Balance in life is important, and dance helps provide that balance. So take care of yourself, be prepared, and keep dancing!


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